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Kotak Consumption Fund NFO

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

"Kotak Mutual Fund Symbol for Consumer Investments"

Kotak Mutual Fund, a prominent player in the financial market, has announced the launch of a new fund – the Kotak Consumption Fund. This strategic move reflects the fund house's commitment to providing investors with opportunities aligned with the dynamic landscape of consumer-driven sectors. Launch Date: The fund was officially launched on October 25, 2023, marking a significant addition to Kotak Mutual Fund's product lineup. Asset Allocation: Under normal circumstances, the asset allocation of the Scheme is structured as indicated below. Investors should note that market conditions and fund manager discretion may lead to variations in the actual allocation.

Key Features: Objective: The Kotak Consumption Fund is designed to capitalize on the growth potential within the consumption-oriented sectors of the economy. Portfolio Focus: The fund aims to build a diversified portfolio, targeting sectors such as consumer goods, retail, healthcare, and other segments influenced by changing consumption patterns. Investment Strategy: Employing a well-researched investment strategy, the fund managers intend to identify and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities within the consumption space. Why to Invest: Investors considering the Kotak Consumption Fund can benefit from the following: Growth Potential: The fund focuses on sectors poised for growth due to changing consumption patterns, offering investors the potential for capital appreciation over the long term. Diversification: With a diversified portfolio across consumer-driven sectors, the fund provides investors with exposure to a broad range of opportunities, reducing risk associated with concentration in a specific industry. Expert Management: The fund will be managed by seasoned professionals with a track record of navigating the complexities of the market, providing investors with the expertise needed to make informed investment decisions. Alignment with Trends: As consumer preferences and behaviors evolve, this fund aims to align with emerging trends, allowing investors to participate in the evolving landscape of consumption. Suitable For: This fund is suitable for: Investors Seeking Long-Term Growth: Those with a long-term investment horizon looking for opportunities to benefit from the potential growth in consumer-driven sectors. Investors Wanting Sector Diversification: Individuals who wish to diversify their portfolio with exposure to a variety of sectors influenced by changing consumption patterns. Investors Trusting Expert Management: Those who appreciate professional fund management and the experience of seasoned fund managers in navigating market dynamics. This launch signifies Kotak Mutual Fund's proactive approach to aligning its offerings with market trends and investor preferences, providing a compelling opportunity for those seeking exposure to the dynamic consumption sectors.

SID - Kotak Consumption Fund
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Kotak Consumption Fund - Presentation
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Kotak Consumption Fund - Leaflet
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*Investors should consult their financial advisors if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them Note: The above information has been sourced from the Scheme Information Document provided by Kotak Asset Management. Read the entire document before investing, Disclaimer: Jaiprakash (ARN/Distributor - 70524; brand name Vasundhra Investment) is the distributor of the mutual fund. Please consult your investment advisor before investing Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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